Cooluli Mini Fridge 15 Liter

Nowadays, mini-fridges can be seen often in many households all over the world. They’re great at solving some tricky problems. They can also help you save both space and money as compared to a regular size refrigerator. When you opt to buy your next mini-fridge, choosing a less costly one is relatively straightforward. Is that not true? If you think that all mini-fridges are made equal, then go through our Cooluli mini fridge 15 liter review and you’ll know the reality.

About Cooluli Mini Fridge 15 Liter 

Cooluli Infinity 15 liter mini fridge boasts efficiency and durability in one compact, stylish unit. The all-purpose, thermoelectric Infinity goes from cooling with one fast turn to warming up. Its lightweight design features a large and Cooluli 15 liter capacity, a tempered glass front, and a molded foldaway top handle that makes a breeze to transport.

The elegant construction that suits every deco, making it the perfect addition to your house, countertop, business/office, dorm, hotel room, car/motor vehicle, or on your next road trip or tailgate!

Exclusive EcoMax Technology features Cooluli’s innovative frost-preventing cooling system; it’s efficient, quiet, and cost-effective — 100% Eco-friendly.  It is dual voltage and operates in every part of the country. This model has a one-year limited warranty and unrivaled customer service from Cooluli.

The key specifications include:

  • Product Dimensions-75 x 11.25 x 16.25 inches
  • Item Weight-42 pounds
  • Capacity- 15 liters
  • Wattage-60
  • Door Material Type-Plastic
  • Manufacturer Warranty-1 Year Limited
  • Includes- AC & DC power cords
  • Protection- Spring-lock on a door handle

Cooluli Mini Fridge 15 Liter benefits & features

    • Convenient and lightweight: The 15-liter mini-fridge Cooluli Infinity is sleek and easily compact. Cooluli Mini fridge dimensions are 13.75 x 11.25 x 16.25 inches and weigh 14.42 pounds.
    • Quickly switch from cooling to warming: Go from refrigeration to heating with one fast turn.
    • Ultra-versatile + functional: The Infinity Dual-Voltage (AC 100–240V/12V) operates anywhere in the world. Using it as an extra storage space for food, drinks, breast milk, insulin, skincare, medicines, and other essential products.
    • Stylish design: The elegant, glass-front mini fridge is perfect for use anywhere in your home, nursery, office, or dorm space, as well as on road trips, holidays, and tailgate parties.
    • Advanced technology + warranty: Features our revolutionary EcoMax system that uses low energy and prevents frosting. Exceptional customer service and a limited 1-year warranty. Before usage, please review the Instruction Manual.

Get In-Depth Knowledge About The Mini-Fridge:

What is the best mini fridge to buy?

To store your mealtime goodies, drinks, and a few hold-you-over snacks, you’ll need a mini-fridge. With many options out there, it is really challenging to find the mini fridge best for you. To help you with the buying process, we’ve below categorized the best mini-fridges based on their top quality.

  • Best for Versatility: Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer:  

Cooluli’s Electric Cooler and Warmer help keep your food warm if you don’t want to use it as a fridge. The best feature of a mini-fridge is its adaptability — you can power it with either a USB adapter with a 2A power bank or an AC/DC adapter. A USB cord is also included. It is around 8 inches long and extremely lightweight.

  • Best for Simplicity: Magic Chef MCAR320B2 Refrigerator

Magic Chef offers a simpler, compact refrigerator, although, at about 33 inches high and 3.2 cubic feet, it’s not necessarily much smaller. An office that only needs the basics can be a perfect fit: a fridge to keep things cold with no freezer to take up the interior space. This one even has a removable screen, and can sit flush against the wall — nothing sticks out from the back to make it infringe on your floor space any further than is required.

  • Best for Beverages: EdgeStar Cold Beverage Cooler

Who has time to eat? Consider the EdgeStar Beverage Cooler, if your office is more concerned with keeping beverage cans cold. It can accommodate up to 103, 12-ounce cans, and five 750 mL bottles.  The door is glass so that you can quickly see how much or how little stock is left inside. The high-power compressor keeps cool anything you put inside. And, since EdgeStar ‘s Beverage Holder is lockable, you can also keep the thieves away.

Are Mini Fridges Worth A Buy?

Mini fridges serve as an alternative to traditional refrigerators. These are small in size, inexpensive, take up less room, and require little maintenance. If you’re someone who likes to live in the modern-day, this is an appliance you’ll want in your home.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of owning one of these mini-fridges.

  • Space-saving with a mini-fridge:

A mini-fridge can also be termed a “compact fridge.” You can put the mini-fridges in your house almost anywhere. You may even position them under the kitchen counters, but be sure to place them in a well-ventilated location.

  • Mini fridges are portable:

You can fit a mini-fridge in your car if you intend to travel with friends or family. When you plan to alter your home’s design, you don’t have to relocate your mini-fridge, because it takes very little time to move a mini-fridge.

  • A mini-fridge is convenient to use:

Since they are easy to use, many homeowners buy more than one mini-fridge so that they can be used for many purposes. A mini-fridge can be well suited for even an office environment apart from small living spaces. A home studio, a deck, and a garage fit best.

Do mini-fridges take a lot of electricity?

Rise of living costs is a big concern for many homeowners. If you’re one of those homeowners who are always concerned about their electric bills, then consider owning a mini-fridge is best. Mini fridges are low in size, which means very little energy is used. Today most mini-fridges are fitted with energy-conserving technology. Such technology allows us to experience the benefits of these devices without using much energy.

Last Few Words:

That’s all on the Cooluli mini fridge review. Here, we have all you need to about Cooluli Infinity 15 liter mini fridge. So, make sure to go through to determine whether it offers value for money.


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